For Such a Time as This!


For our Families

Pro individual liberties that safeguard our children and families

Parental Rights and Authority: I believe in protection from government overreach into family matters that undermine parents' rights and the autonomy of the family unit.

Protection and Security: I will promote stability and safety for children, creating an atmosphere of security that provides a stable and nurturing environment.

Individual Liberty and Primary Decision Makers: I will champion individual liberties and personal responsibility and believe that parents are the primary decision makers for their children. I believe in the importance of parents' wisdom, judgment, and knowledge of their children's individual needs.

Mental Health and Bullying: I will advocate for children's mental health and well-being by promoting mental health awareness and providing access to mental health services to safeguard individuals and the community, including First Responders, Police and Firefighters.


For our Future

Pro small business policies that strengthen the local economy and preserve our heritage

Fiscal Responsibility: I will fight to keep taxes low through responsible spending by Franklin’s city government, and will work to empower small business owners and citizens to preserve and protect the character and integrity of our city.

Cultural Preservation: I will preserve our local culture and heritage, free from encroachments on traditional values by unhealthy cultural and social trends. I recognize the economics of heritage tourism and support initiatives that promote historic sites and cultural landmarks as tourist destinations, driving local economic activity.

Local Business Support: I will advocate for policies that support small businesses and entrepreneurs within historic districts, including a reduction in regulatory barriers and new incentives for businesses to locate and remain in historic areas.

Zoning and Land Use Planning: I will employ conservative approaches to zoning and land use, including provisions that protect historic districts and landmarks from incompatible development, ensuring their long-term viability.


For our Franklin

Pro infrastructure that supports managed growth and sensible development

Preserving Local Character: I will preserve the unique character of Franklin, including historic districts and local landmarks that inspire a sense of place and identity in the community, while discouraging overcrowding and congestion.

Roadway Expansion and Maintenance: I will be intentional about maintaining and expanding roadways that are essential to preventing congestion, which entails fiscally responsible investments in road infrastructure to accommodate growing population.

Decentralized Development: I value local control and decision making that promotes decentralized development, allowing communities to plan and manage their growth based on their unique needs and preferences.

Community Engagement: I will advocate for conservative development strategies that are important to the community and allow for input and engagement. I will foster the involvement of residents in decision making to shape development plans that align with community values.