Patrick George

For Alderman-at-Large (Position C)

Protect the home you love by electing Patrick George. Together we will restore the city of Franklin and preserve the values we cherish.

The Issues

Safeguard our kids


Safeguard the family unit and children's well-being through a commitment to parental authority, child protection, individual liberties, and mental health services, including support for First Responders, Police, and Firefighters.

Strengthen our Economy


Champion fiscal responsibility, cultural preservation, local business support, and conservative zoning to empower small businesses and protect historic landmarks.

Keep Franklin's Charm


Conserve Franklin's unique character through fiscally responsible roadway expansion, decentralized development with local control, and community feedback about development initiatives.

About Patrick

Faith, Family, Freedom.

Learn about Patrick's unique experience and vision, and decide for yourself whether he is worthy of your vote.

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